Big Dog Motorcycles 2004 & Earlier LSD 2-2 Blow Exhaust Matte Black w/ heatshields


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NEW OPEN BOX!!!!!!! 

NEW Blow Exhaust 2-2 Matte Black with Heatshields

This is a complete custom look 2 into 2 SHORTIE Pointed Exhaust System, no mounting bracket required as these short exhaust simply just bolt together.  

This kit is a great custom look exhaust for Big Dog 2004 & Earlier with Left Side Drive ONLY!!!

This exhaust will bolt right on and together, NO mounting bracket required.  Included is an adjustable transmission mount only required for rubber mounted engines.

Matte Black finish with 3 stepped headers for performance & heatshields.  These exhaust are also internally coated to help reduce heat. No baffles included.

These are arguably the highest quality custom look pipes available for the 04 & earlier Big Dog's on the market, and WELL below custom exhaust price!  

You can maintain your stock air cleaner with these pipes, which is a huge benefit cost & performance wise.

This exhaust is designed to fit multi year Harley's and comes with 02 sensor bungs and the necessary plugs to convert it to CARB. 

This will NOT fit any Big Dog 2005-2011 RSD models.  The pipes are bent for Left Side Drive ONLY! WE DID TRY!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS SEND US AN EMAIL OR CALL! Searched long & hard for pipes like these & we are excited to offer them!

This kit is comes with:

1. Matte Black Long Exhaust Pipe Series (1)

2. Matte Black Short Exhaust Pipe Series  (1)

3. Matte Black Long Heat Shield (1)

4. Matte Black Short Heat Shield (1)

5. Heat Shield Clamp No 2 38-57 Stainless Steel (5)

6. Center Housing Bolt 75mm Stainless Steel (1)

7.  Support Bracket 8mm Stainless Steel (1)

8. Bung Plug 18mm Stainless Steel (2)

9. Bung Reducer 12mm Stainless-Steel (2)

10. O2 Sensor Crush Washer (2)



Before commencing Watch the 10-minute YOUTUBE Installation Video :




1.       Installer must watch the Installation video on YouTube prior to installation

2.       DO NOT TIGHTEN the Exhaust System unless the pipes are in line as per the video demonstration & Instruction Guide

3.       Tune engine after installation (Within 8 weeks, Dyno tuning recommended)

4.       DO NOT IDLE OR REV ENGINE for long period of time while motorcycle is stationary

5.       Re-tighten all nuts & bolts after test ride, again after 2nd ride then check periodically when servicing.