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The Original


We have been selling Big Dog Motorcycle parts on eBay since 2003. shovelheadkicker & bigdogpartskingpin on eBay.

We started by selling liquidated and surplus parts from the original manufacturer of Big Dog Motorcycles. Since then, we have continued to manufacture new parts for Big Dog Motorcycles with most of the original vendors.
We are just a 3 person shop that strives to deliver a service beyond everyone's expectations. With same day shipping on the majority of the items. Depending on customer orders, volumes, and phone service it may not ship until the next day. With only 3 people in the shop we try to accommodate as best as possible, however there may be just a select few days out of the year we decide to go spend it with YOU ALL at a Rally or Event! We will be sure to disclose any delay with your order as best possible. However you will get a shipping update via email or text once it is shipped!

Most importantly, we would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to ALL our customers! We continue to work daily to help you keep these bikes on the road!

Derek, Donna, & Eric (AKA The Rookie)

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Our vision is the continued support of the Community of Big Dog owners and provide our customers with the best quality & value for any and all parts they may need fitted for use on a Big Dog; to be a one stop shop where they know they will be treated fairly and their buying experience will be hassle free from beginning to end. RIDE PROUD!

HDM spent its early years rebuilding as many relationships as possible after Big Dog went out of business in 2011, from the manufacturer’s of seats down to wheels, rotors and carriers.

Including the 1st to work with the manufacturing teams to redesign some of the problematic parts from the origins of Big Dog, to help the owners keep these bikes on the road and increase the longevity of the parts.

We continue to review parts and based on engineering and customer feedback, work daily to help YOU KEEP THESE BIKES ON THE ROAD!

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Just A Few Examples Of Enhanced Parts Over The Years

Billet Inspection Cover

Replacing the original cast cover, where the corners were known to break frequently

Windshield Brackets

Redesigned for increased strength out of machined billet to prevent breakage

Grips & Pegs

Increased rubber durometer and density to increase longevity.  Continued to machine out of a high grade aluminum for chrome.

Billet Clutch Carrier

Original carrier was known to break, and redesigned out a billet to prevent any issues.

Billet Starter Nose

Reduced oil passages to the best of the ability and eliminate original cast nose from breaking

PCB Switches

Correct alignment on stainless domes, updated waterproof covers, and correct durometer silicone membranes with heavy duty PVC buttons

Rear Drive Pulley's

Increased thickness on a few of the rear drive pulley's in the high stress points to prevent breakage.  Mad Clown design was fairly common failure.

EFI/Carb Fuel Tank Conversion Plates

Customer's were frustrated with EFI and worked with the machine shop to design a block off plate that bolts onto the stock EFI tank to eliminate the hole and convert to a carburetor.

Wolf Wheel Rim Conversion

Due to the original 220x20 tire no longer being produced, redesigned without requiring any modifications to a 240x18 to ensure owner's of these bike can still continue to ride these machines.