Meet the HDM INC. Team!

Derek & Donna

Job Description: Doing the best trying to keep these machines on the road since 2003!


  • Motorcycle Parts
  • New Hampshire & Las Vegas
  • Putting hours on the tractor in the yard
  • Rehab projects in the small downtown area of Lyon’s, KS to promote more business and opportunity to the community.





Recent Bike Build Page - Project X (07 K9/Custom)

Job Description: What hat do I need right now?


  • Long road trips on a bike. Longest trip was just under 3000 miles in 9 days, TX to Cali and back.  Logged over 50k miles on a Big Dog in the last 10 years and cannot wait for the NEXT TRIP! 
  • Wrenching on my own bikes (04 Ridgeback, 06 K9, & 07 K9/Custom)
  • Helping others keep the wind in their faces!
  • Coors Light


Newly joined HDM September 2019. 

Started riding dirt bikes growing up, first one I ever bought around the age of 13 and cost a whopping $175, came with a flat tire and broken clutch cable.  Got it running, and it would always break down and spent more time wrenching or pushing it than riding it but fell in love with motorcycles and spending the time to fix them.  Bought my first Big Dog (04 Ridgeback) in March of 2011, drove down to Austin TX to pick it up and starter wouldn’t turn over at a gas stop so got it pushed started on the 200+ mile inaugural first journey home.  That’s when the journey started.  Big Dog then went out of business just the following month in April and shortly thereafter found HDM on eBay!  Spent my time in the garage wrenching and learning on the bike in my garage on weekends.  

Bought my 2nd Big Dog (07 K9) a few years later to have a softtail for the longer trips.  Rode and wrenched on that bike for many more years.  Rode Texas to California, and of course all over Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma on weekends and whenever I could.  On December 3rd, 2017 I was hit on the K9 by a lady pulling into a church parking lot on a 2 lane road, she was taking a left in crossing my lane and just flat out hit me with the front of her car.  She claimed she didn't see me but of course Texas roads are straight and I had just left the center of the small town so the speed limit was about only 30 mph.  I spent 20 days in ICU and only awake for the last few days that I can recall.  Spent the next 2.5 months in a rehab facility without being allowed the opportunity to walk due to hip fractures, I also lost all vision in my right eye as I had multiple orbital fractures.  I was later kicked out and sent home in a wheelchair.  I got the “okay” to start walking a few weeks later and never looked back, the next week I was back at work.  Spent the next few months regaining strength and living the luster for life.  Rode again in early June 2018 to get my ridgeback registered to make it to the Big Dog Biker Forum meetup in Kansas, rode the 400 miles on the hard tail.

To make a long story short, after the accident the brotherhood from the motorcycle community and the love for motorcycles forced my hand. Had to make a change for my future and jumped at the opportunity to give back to the motorcycle community which supported me to such a great extent.  So here I am.  Quit my job, sold the house and packed up all I wanted to keep from Dallas and gave away the rest and headed NORTH!  Now, I get the unbelievable opportunity to give a sliver of what I got back to those who gave to me!

Just give me a call, and I hope to see you on the ROAD someday!  I’ll do what I can to help you get your bike back on the road, at least until the McCloud’s kick me out of their shop!  haha