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Brand new Danny Gray Two-up seat with Airhawk Technology for Big Dog Motorcycles K-9, Mastiff and Bulldog models. 


This high quality black leather seat has the standard Airhawk black stitching and technology on the rider seat AND the passenger seat.

Fitment is for Big Dog 2006-2011 K-9, 2007-2011 Mastiff, and 2007 Bulldog models. P/N 232-000005-AH. 


Made in the USA!

Our seats are all manufactured by the original supplier of Big Dog Motorcycles seats from 2001-2011. They have manufactured our seats from 2011 through present day. Originally founded as High End Products Inc., they later transitioned into Danny Gray / Airhawk International. Don't settle for inferior seats when you can get one made by the original supplier. These are authentic hand made seats from original molds using high grade leather and upgraded foam, then riveted on all sides for durability.

This seat has the AIRHAWK technology inside the seat with black stitching.

This seat has a manual air cell pump and a relief valve built in to adjust comfort choice while riding.

 Read more about the benefits of Airhawk at the bottom of this listing or just click here to go to their website for more info!

Why Choose Airhawk Seat Cushions with Air Cell Technology?

  • Evenly distributes body weight to keep you comfortable during extended periods of riding or sitting
  • Helps with the prevention and healing of certain common types of ulcers
  • Air Cell Technology doesn’t degrade or lose shape over time, unlike cushions made with gels and foams
  • Scientifically tested and proven effective in 100+ medical trials and papers