Project X Build Frame Up

I wanted to keep it clean, the lines on the 08-11 Pitbull tank are a dead match fit for the frame in my opinion.  HDM is currently finishing up the mounting kit to allow anyone with a 06-11K9 or Ridgeback bolt this style tank on.   Give people a little chance to do a makeover.  08-11 Pitbull tank is also 4.7 gallons so it's 1/2 gallon bigger than the K9 or Ridgeback tanks.  I have put exactly 4.0 gallons in the tank twice at fuel ups and haven't hit reserve yet.  I did hit the reserve when I was doing some testing and I drained it to see what I was working with and it was about 1/2 gallon of reserve.  


I stuck with black cables and black braided oil lines & did all the electrical wiring myself so it's all in black braided cabling to blend in.  The stainless braided would stick out like a sore thumb in my opinion.  Narrow 2" open belt drive, narrow front end, keeping it clean and tight.  Kind of a little old school/new school mashup with a narrower front end and a 300 tire.  


The 140” will fit a K9/Ridgeback frame but with a little caution, rocker box gaskets can’t be changed without taking the motor out of the frame.  It’s a tight FIT!  You can't even get a finger between the frame and the cover it's about 1/8".  Also, coil cover and air cleaner will need to be changed out as the heads are so tall the bolt holes on the original units won’t fit.  This coil cover mount is actually an older model coil cover but it is made out of billet and after elongating the holes it would fit.


 140” high compression motor (10.8:1) . It's rated for more HP (160) & Torque (170) than I'll probably ever use.

The Texas hand made Three Two Choppers custom springer is perfect!  Handles like a dream, feels lighter, tighter in the slow turns (gas pumps) & steady as a rock at 90+ MPH.  Rake & Trail was changed just a touch, which makes the slow turning easier.  Ride height stayed the same and the bike is about 1.5" overall longer in length.  Has Ohlins bushings, which are oil impregnated so there is zero maintenance required, no grease can be used it screws up the bushings.  


It's still a little work in progress have a few things to finish up this winter, I am working on a front fender setup to use for long trips.  I don't think springers should have fenders so this one will be as small as I possibly can make and easy on/off.   Just to keep me or the bike from getting rooster tailed if I get caught in the rain, which you are almost guaranteed to do when you do long trips.