S&S Cycle 4" Bore S&S Pattern Torque Plate Kit Big Dog Motorcycles Harley 84-up


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New S&S Cycle 4" bore S&S pattern torque plate kit. This set came from Big Dog Motorcycles engineering department. Fits S & S 4" pattern cylinders - 1984-up V-Twin.

Description for S&S Cycle 4" Bore S&S Pattern Torque Plate Kit. Part# 53-0030. Listing is for all as pictured.

• S&S Cycle torque plates can be used in conjunction with an S&S boring fixture and a conventional boring bar, and they can be readily adapted to a Sunnen type honing machine

• Head end plate

• Base end plate

• Four long grade 8 socket head cap screws 7" and Four 6" screws (holds the assembly together and supplies the pressure)

• Stop arm (keeps the cylinder and plates from turning while honing)